Woman’s Opinion about Love

Love does miracles.

Love completes us. We feel we have someone in our corner who supports us even with our flaws.

Someone who knows us inside and outside and accepts us as we are in Life.

We know that, this person will be there when we are down just as we will be there when they’re down.

This ‘someone’ shares the obstacles of Life with us and lets us know that together we can survive anything.

Whom with we share our moments of happiness in this Life.

Whom with we  share the pain when our loved ones, our parents, pass away, and when people leave us alone.

We need someone to sleep with at night, no matter whether they snore or not. 😀

We can always give them a nudge if necessary but it’s nice to know they are there.

We need someone to love so that we can give love to our children together.

To let all of them know that they have two people who will always love them more than anything in the world.

We need someone to grow old with so we can complain to each other about our aches and pains along the way as we slow down.

We need them in order to make the moments that we will later look back at as the most beautiful memories of our lives.

Simply, we need love to give Life, its meaning…

~ Source: Why we need love in life?


Who Am I!


Looking at mirror, trying to see myself from outside, but i see nothing!

I’m just another person.. another one living this misery we call Life, while it’s Death hidden behind high artificial walls.

I’m just trying to answer, maybe, the second hardest question ever, Who am I?

Maybe I’m an angel who lost his way to Heaven.

Maybe I’m a devil, who lost his way to Hell.

I can’t tell anymore…
I’m haunted by self-doubt..
I haven’t got any answers..

I’m no superman.
I’m weak as I can get.

I’m just anyone trying to live and let live…
I’m no more than a being.. who wants to be
But I can’t !!

Palestine, 61 Years of Colonization!

During the creation of the state of Israel, the Palestinians were massacred and forced to leave their lands and villages. A real ethnic cleansing took place under the eyes of the international community! This genocide are called by the new Israeli historians such Ilan Pappé: the Original Sin of Israel !

Palestinian refugees leaving their homes in 1948, running from Israeli-troops, camping in the desert

Palestinian refugees leaving their homes in 1948, running from Israeli-troops, camping in the desert


Poverty isn’t being unable to buy a new car.. or unable to have better clothes.. it’s to be unable to find bread to eat.. water to drink.. shelter to sleep.. and medicine to cure your dying mother.

Feel the real drama of life, the suffering of humanity, feel Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Benin, Yemen, Senegal, Bangladesh,  Ethiopia, Guinea, Palestine.. all the suffering nations… feel 2.5 billion starving humans…

A kid from Niger

A kid from Niger.. trying to carry the corpse of his dead mother.. who died because of starvation and drought...

Why did God create us?

I’ve spent a lot of time, asking myself, what am I doing in this life? I’ve never found a convincing answer to this question: Why did God create us?

When I know this answer, I’ll know my purpose, I’ll know what should I do in Life, I’ll find the right path…

I said, it’s impossible that 7 billion humans are living out there without asking themselves the same question. There should be at least someone who has the convincing answer

For me, I think I’d better wait before saying my answer, I need to think more, I need to read Quran and Hadith better, and understand what God meant to say, then I may know.. and in any case, I’ll continue believing in God with no doubt…

So, do you know why?

How to Be Yourself!

I was sad. I decided to find someone decent to talk with, I searched my contacts, I found her. She seems like a strong girl, she has a nice personality, and she knows what she wants, I clicked, and she is with me. I started the conversation talking about how many problems happen to me because of my tries to be very nice to people, talking led us to the very popular phrase “be yourself”. I’ve always been stuck in this phrase, I don’t even know myself! I googled myself, I searched using my name, maybe I’ll find someone who wrote something about me, NOTHING was found. I wasn’t surprised, who am I?

In this moment I was very mad at myself, why am I searching for my name in Google, doing this, I’m searching for myself in the eyes of others, this means that I’m searching for those others, not for me!

I closed the web browser, I moved my pen to an empty paper, I wrote one sentence. I love myself, God, and her. The fact is, I don’t know myself, I haven’t seen God yet, and I’ve never met her, I’m just imagining, that one day I’d find her.

I said to myself I should delete this ambiguous sentence, and rewrite it. I decided to count what I know about myself, God, and her. I wrote a long list of everything I know. I was shocked, I don’t know anything about myself, I know little about God himself, but I know everything about her.

I found that I spent a lot of time thinking of God, and her, but I forgot to think of me!

I tried to see what I like in her, how would she think, how would she smile, how would she talk,…

I wrote everything I’d like to find in her, the shock was that I found everything in her, is in me, she’d be my mirror.

I burned this paper. I opened the web browser, I googled “how to be yourself”, I found myself reading some stuff telling me what to do, again! They are just faking it, that’s won’t be me, if I do what they are telling me to do, that’s would be me wearing them.

I found that to be myself, I should only do what makes me happy, what makes my God happy, and what makes the people I love, happy.

And that’s would really be me.

I live in Palestine!

FEEL the sadness in this image. LIVE in Palestine, the land of the most suffering humans. READ about them. FEEL them. DON’T believe what others tell you. Hundreds of thousands are dead, millions are refugees, more than seven wars were started by the state of Israel since 1948.



Palestinian-girl waiting endlessly at an Israeli-checkpoint

Palestinian-girl waiting endlessly at an Israeli-checkpoint

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